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About Andrus


My name is Andrus Rannaääre. Music has played important role throughout

my life and I have worked with it almost as long as I can remember myself.

I have acquired a diploma in classical piano from Estonian Academy of Music

and I have played different musical styles with many very different groups.


In 2010 I started to take interest in improvisational music – my aim was to

create sounds and compositions that would touch the soul and help people

to heal internally. I started to experiment and opened a new level inside me,

where I was the channel through which the pure inspiration flows from the

source and becomes the music.

I like the fact that in such way the music is not strictly forced into any specific framework and

I can create everything in a continuous flow. In spontaneous expression the music can voice the

feelings and emotional states that otherwise would be hard or even impossible to express with words.


Music is the universal language – everyone can understand it without using a single word. Through the timeless sounds I am sharing with you all that makes me feel joyous and peaceful.

You can read an article about Andrus here

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